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      I share my passion, knowledge and experience of adventure, outdoor activities, motorcycles and life skills, to hopefully offer you an enjoyable experience. Most guys like to shop but all of us hate to be sold. I have styled the site to be quiet and quick loading, to enable you to kick back and explore.

Mindset encompasses the mental discipline to learn, develop and perform under adversity. Suppressing our ego and maintaining a positive mental attitude, enables us to learn from failure. Performance development requires self discipline to resist boredom, fatigue and pain. Comprised of standard techniques and procedures, tactics are proven micro-plans, which advance the decision process. Skills are abilities maintained through repetition.

In all successful adventures, mindset, tactics and skills, take precedence over gear. However, gear remains a critical element. I promote gear that has stood the test of time and proven durable, reliable and easy to use. Nothing beats long term service history as an indicator of quality. Most of my products have years, if not decades of satisfactory performance behind them.

I find simple design to be superior in critical conditions. Often, mass produced products with some additional user upgrades, prove to offer the best package. Most items are available in subdued colors, to serve a broad spectrum of clients. I don't select items by country of origin, preferring to let the cream rise to the top. Thankfully, this often translates to U.S. manufacture.

If you wish to ask a question or send feedback, please use the form below. 'Name', 'Email address' and 'Message' are mandatory fields. Pasting your email address with the [crtl] + [v] shortcut keys prevents typos. The contact form is a little inconvenient but curtails automated messages.

Personal information remains confidential. Email addresses are not be added to any distribution lists or newsletters. This site does not read or write cookies to your computer.

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