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      A fieldscope is a compact spotting scope, designed for field use by birdwatchers, hunters and military snipers. The Bushnell Elite fieldscope has been around for a while under Bausch & Lomb brand, earning a reputation for ruggedness and image quality. It has served well under its M144 designation, for US Army snipers in the challenging conditions of Afghanistan.

The Elite's roof prism is rare in a spotting scope but makes it particularly rugged. A hard case is neither required nor included. The only compromise for the Elite's 12" length is eye relief, eyeglass wearers may have to remove their spectacles to receive the full field of view. The Elite fieldscope weighs in at 1.6 lbs.
Bushnell Elite 15-45 x 60


Ultraclamp 4.0

Ultraclamp 4.0:
The Ultraclamp is a lightweight tripod substitute that clamps an optic to windows, tables, fences, tree branches, railings, bicycle frames or anything up to 4" thick. The clamp is aluminum, the universal joint is brass and glass reinforced polymer. The Ultraclamp is suitable for nature watch, hunting or tactical duty.
Maximum Load: 4 lbs.
Dims: 6" x 7" x 1.5"
Weight: 10 oz.

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