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      A folding knife is probably the first tool a young man will receive. It's a timeless rite of passage that will always be remembered and treasured. Ten to twelve years of age is the typical window of opportunity. Many younger boys won't appreciate the significance and responsibility of ownership, often losing the knife.

Teenagers will just buy one for themselves. Buck's 110 is an American made legend and a worthy candidate. It was the first folding knife deemed tough enough to handle the tasks of a fixed blade hunting knife and has gone on to be the most prolific folder in the world. Its lock back design remains the strongest, though subsequent frame locks and liner locks have proven adequate.

The 110 was developed for hunters but was quickly adopted by soldiers, sailors, adventurers and workmen. The hollow ground stainless blade was thin enough to excel at everyday tasks but retained a strong spine for durability.

Hunter Gene Mo's feat of killing a 750 lb attacking bear with his trusty 110, has become part of Buck's folklore. The 110's heft delays hand fatigue under heavy use. It's not uncommon to hear stories of decades of hard use.

Buck upholds their famous forever warranty. The 110 ships with an imported black leather belt pouch. U.S.A. made, brown leather belt pouches are optional. It's currently available with a more durable and functional drop point blade.

Originally, tactical knives were simply folding utility knives for soldiers. The SERE knife was inspired by Colonel Nick Rowe's use of the Buck 110 in Vietnam. Subsequently, a few guys started marketing fast opening "fighting folders" and the market caught fire.

Knives like the Infidel OTF, BM 42 balisong, Crawford Assassin, Spyderco Sage2, Hinderer XM-18 and Kershaw Skyline are seriously cool. Other than being unfriendly to left hand users, the Skyline is a great starting point. Sadly, whipping tactical folders out in an office environment may generate some consternation. That's where the Buck 525 comes into play.

The 525 inherits the durability, simplicity and quality of the 110 but shrinks it into a discrete all stainless package. The 110 weighs 7 oz and is best carried in a belt pouch. The 525 SSS weighs 1 oz, which disappears in a trouser pocket. The 525 is small and thin but remains functional for the typical daily tasks of opening letters and packages.

The 1-7/8" blade features a sturdy drop point. The 525 isn't that common and thus can make a thoughtful gift, particularly with some tasteful engraving. Select the stainless model via the color option.
Original Buck 110 Clip Point (USA)
New Buck 110 Drop Point (USA)
110 Brown Leather Belt Pouch (USA)
Kershaw Skyline Tactical Folder (USA)
Buck 525 SSS Gent Knife (USA)


Multi-Tool & Flashlight

The Victorinox Spirit X, has a key advantage over other multi-tool brands. Its screwdrivers don't snap off under normal use. It doesn't feature detachable components, eliminating another failure point. The superior design, materials and build quality is based on years of experience.

Proven Swiss Army Knife components are married to an ergonomic folding pliers. All tools lock and are externally accessible. It's a serious tool for improvised repair rather than a collectible gadget. If you are a motorcyclist, adventurer, outdoors man, mechanic, contractor, sailor, soldier, police officer, pilot, astronaut, home owner or father, this is the model you need.

The saw and file may strike you as superfluous. The saw can circumcision cut large tree limbs, plastic pipes and holes in sheet plastic or dry wall. The file can straight cut sheet plastic and sheet metal. The file is edged on three sides and functions as a miniature hacksaw and sharpener.

The file cuts on a push stroke is hardened. Don't pry with it. The large flat head screwdriver is designed for light prying. The chisel can quickly shape wood into useful objects. The awl can drill holes in wood and punch oles in leather. Scissors can tidy up a flesh wound.

The 'X' Spirit variant features a non serrated knife blade, which is easier to sharpen. Victorinox employs soft, high carbon, stainless steel. Over-torqued tools will flex rather than snap. The spirit pliers will drive nuts, cut steel fishing line and extract small parts.

Weighing 7.4 oz, the Spirit X isn't a pocket Multi-Tool. It probably won't be an everyday carry item for most owners. It will get thrown on the belt for hikes, fishing, hunting, shooting, adventuring, vacationing, long haul journeys, DIY and various other man stuff.

Although pocket-able, ultralight Multi-Tools aren't proving satisfactory under reasonable workload. Consider the Victorinox Farmer pocket knife as a stripped down Multi-Tool that retains the quality of the Spirit X. The Leatherman Juice S2 falls between the Farmer and Spirit X models.

It incorporates a functional set of pliers but remains pocket-able. The Juice S2 has an urban focus, whereas the farmer is geared toward the outdoors. The Spirit X is configured for double duty. Combine any of the three with a micro igniter and Skyline tactical folder for an effective foundational tool set.

Pocket flashlights and multi-tools sort of go together. Designed for maximum durability, the stainless steel Eiger Ultra, matches the quality of the Spirit X and Farmer. Cool white is the brightest LED color. Coupled with Li-Ion AAA rechargeable batteries, max output is 234 lumen, versus 62 lumen from standard alkaline batteries.

The narrow angle beam provides the greatest range and maximum perceived brightness. The optional momentary switch enables rapid access to max light output, for emergencies and self defense duty. Full size tactical flashlights are covered on section 5 of the night vision page.
Micro Fire Igniter
Victorinox Farmer
Leatherman Juice S2 (USA)
Victorinox Spirit X
Eiger Ultra Flashlight (USA)


Quartz Wristwatches

Wristwatches fall into the quartz variant or mechanical movement categories. Modern Quartz variants retain the accuracy shock resistance and economy of the original system. They extend their service interval by incorporating a charging system. Seiko pioneered the mechanical Kinetic system.

Citizen subsequently developed the solar charged Eco-Drive. Kinetic systems require considerable movement to maintain a full charge and thus maximize battery life. This mandates everyday usage or a specialized watch winder. Solar quartz watches charge from static positions enabling the owner to effortlessly rotate multiple time peaces. Even Japanese quartz watches have a failure rate.

The six major quartz watch genres are digital, dive, pilot, sport, field and dress. G-shock digital watches are worn in critical roles and heavy duty but are just as useful hunting, working out or wrenching on a motor. Their minimal moving parts, shock absorbing mounts and semi-permanent water seal, make them virtually indestructible.

The rubber wrist bands are the weakest element. Life span is 1-2 years. Most G-Shock models have styling and modes that are incongruent with serious duty. Casio's DW5600 is unique in this respect. It has classic 'digital watch' styling and KISS functionality.

It's the preferred beater watch of fighter pilots, soldiers, fire fighters, police and pretty much everybody else. The proven quartz Casio Duro diver, presents a classic alternative to the digital beater watch. Charge the lume with a flashlight to maximize low light endurance. Replace the band with a 22mm Perfit ZULU.

The durability, versatility and masculine aesthetics of analog dive watches, drives their popularity in both watch mechanism categories. The uncluttered dial supports speed reading. Fitting a tasteful NATO band, permits the watch to be worn in all levels of formality.

The NATO band will also retain the watch, should a spring bar fail under shock. Water sealing gaskets enable the watch to be worn in a power shower, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The uni-directional timing ring is configured to time out early should the ring be bumped. The bezel timer's simplicity, makes it quick and easy, to roast vegetables while barbecuing with family and friends.

Original pilot (Flieger) watches featured 55mm cases, which enabled wear over WWII Luftwaffe flight jackets. Contemporary homages to the Flieger design, often feature 45mm cases, which suits larger men's wrists. Typically, pilot watches have no special function other than highlighting minutes over hours.

Modern flight watches incorporate the functionality of the mechanical E6B flight computer. Most models cram the dial with multiple slide rule graduations, obstructing the primary time display. Pictured above, the Nighthawk is the exception, sporting bold hands and baton indices, removing non-essential flight plan functions. The center of the watch dial features a programmable 24h second time zone.

Field watches also originate from WWII. Contemporary field watch homages, employ a 38mm case to convey their classic military inspiration. This makes them particularly suitable for smaller wrists. The subdued, utilitarian styling has popularized this genre for weekend casual duty.

The selected watch is of good quality but the 18mm band should be replaced with something better. There are several options to consider, black leather, brown leather with contrast stitching, black NATO, bond NATO or olive NATO. Adding a black leather band particularly boosts appearance and versatility. In terms of durability, the field watch is closer to a traditional dress watch than a dive watch. If you are buying this style as a "beater", expect some wear on the mineral crystal.
G-Shock 5600
Duro Beater Diver
Eco-Drive Diver
Eco-Drive Flieger
Eco-Drive Nighthawk
Eco-Drive Field Watch
Eco Drive Dress Watch

GMT Wristwatch

Mechanical Wristwatches

Mechanical wristwatches share the same genres as quartz with the obvious exception of digital. The market breaks down to three distinct grades, beater, mid tier and luxury. They get the job done and offer great bang for the buck. Production volume is high. Spare parts and service costs are reasonable.

Seiko automatic divers are durable mechanical beater watches. Shock and water ingress are the enemy of mechanical wristwatches. The budget Seiko divers have proven tougher than many exotica. They will run without service for 10+ years. Even luxury watch collectors will have a Seiko diver in the mix.

The in-house 7S26 and evolved 6R36 movements run without service for 10 years. Their hardlex crystals are a mid grade between mineral and sapphire glass. Seiko's propitiatory lume leads the industry. The SKX007 and SKX009 feature 7S26 movement. The Monster II and Turtle feature the 6R36, offering better accuracy, hand winding and hacking.

Seiko does offer mid-tier Proxpex dive watches on the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). However, they can be something of an anti-climax, relative to the Monster and Turtle. I favor the Seiko SARB0033 dress watch. It features a sapphire crystal and an exquisitely brushed and polished case.

The traditional textured black dial and dauphine hands compose an elegant and practical display. The 38mm case compliments dress shirts, sport coats and blazers. The 6R15 movement retains the durability of the 7S26 and 6R36. However, it delivers accuracy of +/- 2 seconds per day. This performance is generally reserved for luxury grade swiss watches. The SARB ships with a good bracelet but the watch really shines with a 20mm Hadley-Roma black croc or lizard strap.

Tudor, IWC, Oris, Breitling, Tag Heur, Tissot, Hamilton, Laco and Steinhart are some examples of mid-tier Swiss made timepieces. The first five manufacture propitiatory in house movements and command something of a premium. The final four employ proven ETA movements, typically the 2824 workhorse. Hamilton has a long association with the U.S. military and is now part of the Swatch group.

Their popular Khaki field watch is best described as a weekend dress watch. All dress watches are vulnerable to water ingress during swimming, washing hands or heavy rain. Laco remains family owned. They have been producing Flieger watches since WWII. Several grades are available with the Paderborn model offering the greatest authenticity. Features such as square lugs, mushroom crown, sand blasted case, blued hands and sterile dial are prized among enthusiasts.

Dive watches' durability and masculine styling make them an extremely popular genre among enthusiasts. However, pictured above, GMT watches can offer some variety in function and aesthetic. Rolex developed GMT watches from their Submariner model for issue to Pan-Am long haul airline pilots.

The additional red "GMT" hand revolves once per 24 hours. The unidirectional bezel is incremented into 24 indices. The GMT hand indicates the secondary time against the bezel. Rotating the bezel offsets the secondary time to another time zone.

Steinhart offer high quality mid-tier homages to the GMT II. The red-black model offers an efficient balance of color and formality. It is possible to resynchronize the GMT hand from civil time to Greenwich Mean Time. This resynchronization facilitates offsetting the bezel, to any global time zone, via the UTC offset table.

Our final mid-tier automatic, boasts a little bit of everything, including 300 M water resistance. Steinhart's Ocean Vintage GMT (OVGMT) takes inspiration from the '70's era Rolex Explorer, yet remains unrecognizable to the general public. The staggered GMT indices create a checkered effect, which was a prolific '70's motif.

Enhance the subtle retro theme, by fitting a thick, chocolate brown, leather strap, accented with cream stitching. The combination of fixed GMT bezel and olive NATO band, echo the styling of a traditional field watch, while retaining a diver's water resistance. Fitting a black ZULU band, emphasizes the watch's diver origins.

The large black dial, thick stick hands and scaled indices, match the legibility of traditional dive and pilot watches. The dual time GMT functionality, further qualifies the addition of a black leather pilot strap. Switching to a black leather strap with orange contrast stitching, evokes memories of '70's motor racing. The stock 316L stainless steel bracelet complements dress shirts, sport coats and blazers.
Seiko Monster II
Seiko Turtle
Seiko SARB Dress Watch
Hamilton Khaki Field
Laco Paderborn Flieger
Steinhart OGMT
Steinhart OVGMT



Issued to astronauts, pilots and soldiers since 1958, American Optical's aviators are the quintessential gentleman's field glasses. They present a classic masculine image, which compliments everything from leather jackets to business suits. A 52 mm silver frame with gray glass lens is the preferred format. However, multiple frame sizes and colors are available. This model also offers very high quality and value.

Eye protection is appropriate for mowing the lawn, using power tools, disassembling items under spring tension, cycling, motorcycling, freezing winds, shooting and reloading ammunition. Director tactical sunglasses are one of the few models that meet military performance standards. Generally, a monolithic lens is required to distribute the impact shock. That style of eye pro isn't inconspicuous. Director prescription lens are available but need to be ordered directly from the Smith optics website.
American Optical Aviators (USA)
Director Tactical Sunglasses

Gents Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Nothing beats a backpack's comfort for carrying weight long distances on foot. Stuff sacks and packing cubes help to keep top loaders organized. Duffel bags suit motorized transport. Their larger opening offers quicker access. Addidas offer functional retro gym duffel bags that suit casual scenarios. Leather duffel bags present a professional image on business trips and weekend getaways. Olive polyester garment bags have less capacity than duffels but are more appropriate for suits and sport coats.

Shirts, jackets and pants are packed on their hangers. The garment bag is subsequently sealed and folded in half, resembling a satchel. The fold is shallow, keeping clothing uncreased and ready for immediate wear. This is convenient for seminars, weddings and other ceremonies, where we are often on a tight schedule. These bags have additional pockets for shoes, toiletry bags and documents. The garment bag will support a couple of days travel. Combine it with the leather duffel for a more comprehensive luxury travel set.

The Key-Bar is a heavy duty key organizer, which eliminates that annoying jangle, via a pocket knife form factor. Different length screws adjust for key quantity. Maximum capacity is 12 keys. Washers serve as key spacers. One scale has circular recesses for the flat head screws. The other scale is threaded to accept the two screws. Incorporate more washers if the screws are not flush to the scale. Most key designs are compatible. A lanyard loop supports the connection of a vehicle key fob.
Leather duffle bags
Olive Garment Bag
Key Organizer (USA)

Hip Flask

Whiskey & Cigars

Whiskey and cigars may not be particularly healthy but that doesn't mean they can't be consumed with a little flair. Most hip flasks and designed as novelty gifts. Made in the U.S.A., Colonel Conk's flask is constructed from solid billet stainless steel but remains within the typical gift price range. The engraving panel has been discontinued but the cap remains available for inscription of initials. Make sure to pick up a small stainless steel funnel too.

Most lighters are finicky, the current butane torch models are no exception. Zippos are classic Americana, making that distinctive clink when opened and closed. They're robust and reliable but the lighter fluid's odor taints premium tobacco. Denatured alcohol is odorless and works reasonably well in a Zippo. It's less windproof and evaporates at a faster rate.

Using a section of bicycle tube as a rubber sleeve to prevent your Zippo going dry during long term storage. Armor brass Zippos are the most durable. Their cases are thicker and there is no paint or plating to wear off. The Victorinox cigar knife incorporates three circular punches to accommodate different ring sizes. The alox handled tool offers a classic and convenient experience. A cigar punch cut tends to deliver more flavor than a typical guillotine cut.
Colonel Conk Hip Flask
Brass Armor Zippo (USA)
Swiss Army Cigar Knife

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