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      Even insects, display the use of simple stick and stone tools. However, the ability to make and use sophisticated tools, distinguishes humans from the rest of Earth's animal kingdom. It has taken us a long time to get here, so let's make the most of it and acquire worthy tools.

I monitor the quality of my promoted products and continue to seek out proven gear and skill sets. Most of my allocated time is applied to sourcing, researching and testing the material. Roughly once per week, I will add a new tactic, technique, skill, tip or tool. The updates are listed below. Click on the green link to visit the relevant page.

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Ian ST John.

DatePage LinkComment
27-NOV-2017All PagesPausing on additional content to focus on site maintenance.
05-OCT-2017Survival KitAdded Survival Chest Rig (Butt Pack Section)
28-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Circle Jerk--Fast Forward Drill (Section 4)
27-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Changing Gears Drill (Section 4)
27-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Blaze X Drill (Section 4)
24-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Magazine Pocket Holster (Glock 19)
20-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Nano IWB Holster (M9A1 Compact)
20-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Draw Stroke Technique (Section 4)
17-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Beretta M9A1 Compact
10-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded DA/SA Accuracy Drills (Section 4)
07-SEP-2017Self DefenseAdded Parker Jotter To Shivs
02-SEP-2017Rifle OpticsAdded SMG Accessories (Section 1.7)
30-AUG-2017Rifle OpticsAdded SMG Technique (Section 1.7)
26-AUG-2017Rifle OpticsAdded Red Dot Ranging And Hold Off (Section 2.2)
21-AUG-2017Self DefenseAdded Realistic Knife Defense (Section 3)
18-AUG-2017Self DefenseAdded Flashlight Tactics (Section 4)
14-AUG-2017Self DefenseAdded Crush Grip (Section 4)
08-AUG-2017Self DefenseAdded 1 Hand Malfunction Drills (Section 4)
06-AUG-2017Rifle OpticsAdded AR-15 Quad Rail (Section 3.1)
04-AUG-2017Survival KitAdded Reloading Tools (Urban Survival)
02-AUG-2017Rifle OpticsAdded AR-15 Hunting Ammo (Section 4.1)
28-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Vickers Floor Plate (Glock 19)
28-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded MIC NGM Trigger Holster (Glock 19)
26-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Glock Sport Holster (Glock 19)
24-JUL-2017Survival KitAdded Water Filter Tip (Section 3 Freezing Temps)
20-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Defensive Ammo (Glock 19)
19-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Verbal Judo Deflectors (Section 2)
18-JUL-2017Gents ClothingAdded Tuxedo (Section 5)
12-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Speed Strips (Keeping Snubby Reliable)
11-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Burst Fire Drills (Glock 19 Section)
09-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Glock 19 Section
07-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded D-Jammer Tool (Keeping Snubby Reliable)
07-JUL-2017Self DefenseAdded Realistic Qualification Targets (Section 4)
06-JUL-2017Field JacketAdded Swiss Army Rain Cape (Section 3)
29-JUN-2017Field JacketAdded Patrol Gloves (Section 4.6)
28-JUN-2017Rifle OpticsAdded CQB Drills Video (Section 1.1)
26-JUN-2017Rifle OpticsAdded Green Eyes & Black Rifles (Section 1.1)
24-JUN-2017Gents ClothingAdded Wool Top Coat
20-JUN-2017Gents ClothingAdded Aviators (Vacation Section)
16-JUN-2017Survival KitAdded Ankle Trauma Kit (Neck Knife Survival Kit)
15-JUN-2017Survival KitAdded Radio Pouch (Coms Section)
02-JUN-2017All PagesRolling Out Shorter Paragraphs For Mobile Devices.
25-MAY-2017Rifle OpticsAdded StripLULA Mag Loader (Section 1.1)
22-MAY-2017Gents ClothingAdded Linen Blazer
17-MAY-2017Gents ClothingAdded Polo Shirt Tips (Casual Section)
14-MAY-2017All PagesU.S. Made Products Tagged With (USA)
11-MAY-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded OVGMT Automatic Watch
07-MAY-2017Gents AccessoriesRevised Mechanical Wristwatches
05-MAY-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded Drop Point Buck 110
02-MAY-2017Dive WatchesAdded Seiko Shogun Titanium
30-APR-2017Gents ClothingAdded Irvin Flying Jacket
30-APR-2017Gents ClothingAdded Submariners Sweater
28-APR-2017Gents ClothingAdded Casual Roofer Boots and Dress Chukkas
26-APR-2017Gents ClothingAdded Morris Oxford Shoes
23-APR-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded Casio Duro Beater Dive Watch
19-APR-2017Gents AccessoriesRevised Wristwatches
14-APR-2017Rifle OpticsExpanded QRW Rings (Section 4.2)
10-APR-2017Dive WatchesExpanded Steinhart Watch Specifications
08-APR-2017Dive WatchesAdded Seiko Turtle Automatic Dive Watch (Seiko Monster Section)
04-APR-2017CanteenFixed Dead Links
25-MAR-2017Field BootsAdded Anti-Blister Socks (Hiking Boots Section)
23-MAR-2017Dive WatchesSeiko Monster Discontinued
18-MAR-2017CanteenAdded Improved Webbing
13-MAR-2017Survival KitUpgraded Electronic Ear Protection (Coms Section)
07-MAR-2017Survival KitAdded Improved Webbing to Buttpack Kit
06-MAR-2017Rifle OpticsAdded SMG Point Blank Zero (Section 1.7)
21-FEB-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded Tactical Sunglasses
15-FEB-2017Gents ClothingExpanded Business Casual Khakis
06-FEB-2017Rifle OpticsExpanded AR-15 Reliability Tips (Section 1.1)
01-FEB-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded Farmer Pocket Multi-Tool
29-JAN-2017Gents AccessoriesAdded Mechanical Watches
25-JAN-2017Self DefenseAdded Portable lock box (Snubby Defense)
19-JAN-2017Survival KitAdded Metal Match Case To Buttpack Fire Kit
14-JAN-2017Self DefenseAdded Defensive Mindset (Snubby Defense)
07-JAN-2017Rifle OpticsAdded MP5 & Uzi Ghost Ring Sights (Section 1.7)
02-JAN-2017Self DefenseAdded Snubby Demonstration & Handling Safety
20-DEC-2016Gents ClothingAdded Sport Coat & Blazer Links
19-DEC-2016Dual SportRemoved Dead Links
16-DEC-2016Night VisionAdded Flashlight Lens Cleaning Tip (Section 5: Home Defense)
08-DEC-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded Kershaw Skyline Tactical Folder Knife
08-DEC-2016Self DefenseAdded Pre-Ignition Push (Snubby Defense)
30-NOV-2016Self DefenseAdded Smart Carry Holster (Snubby Defense)
29-NOV-2016Self DefenseAdded Hideout Weapons (Snubby Defense)
28-NOV-2016Self DefenseAdded Escape Skills & Tools (Snubby Defense)
25-NOV-2016Survival KitAdded Hot Spark Micro Igniter (Neck Knife Kit)
25-NOV-2016Survival KitRevised Ferro Rod Technique (Section 2)
21-NOV-2016Rifle OpticsRevised AK-47 Iron Sights (Section 1.2)
14-NOV-2016Field JacketRevised Nomex Windproof section
18-OCT-2016Self DefenseRevised Realistic Training (Snubby Defense)
05-OCT-2016Self DefenseRevised Violence Of Action (Snubby Defense)
13-SEP-2016Self DefenseAdded Pocket Holster (Snubby)
12-SEP-2016Rifle OpticsAdded Improved 870 Mag Follower (Section 1.6)
12-SEP-2016Survival KnifeAdded Survival Handbooks (Section 8)
05-SEP-2016CanteenAdded M&Ms to canteen food.
30-AUG-2016CookingAdded Euro-candy to party food.
23-AUG-2016Rifle OpticsAdded AR-15 Reliability Tips (Section 1.1)
22-AUG-2016All PagesNew Layout. Skim the site by scrolling to bottom and clicking the page links.
12-AUG-2016Rifle OpticsAdded M1A BZO Procedure (Section 1.4)
10-AUG-2016Night VisionAdded High Tuck Shotgun Technique To Home Defense (section 5)
10-AUG-2016Night VisionAdded 870 Top Folding Stock To Home Defense (section 5)
10-AUG-2016Night VisionAdded Inverted Harries Technique To Home Defense (section 5)
06-AUG-2016Rifle OpticsAdded Mechanical Offset Techniques (Section 1.1)
04-AUG-2016Night VisionAdded Flashlight Retention Ring To Home Defense (section 5)
04-AUG-2016Rifle OpticsAdded Ranger Band Sling Keeper Tip (Section 3.6)
29-JUL-2016Survival KitAdded Portable Radio Mast to Urban Survival
27-JUL-2016Rifle OpticsAdded VCAS Sling Technique (Section 3.6)
26-JUL-2016Survival KitAdded RATS Tourniquet to Buttpack Kit
15-JUL-2016Survival KitAdded Sillcock Key to Urban Survival
06-JUL-2016Survival KitAdded Radio Communication to Urban Survival
27-JUN-2016Rifle OpticsAdded Stacked Feet Sitting Position (Section 3.3)
24-JUN-2016Rifle OpticsAdded MK262 5.56x45 Match Ammo (Section 1.1)
24-JUN-2016Rifle OpticsAdded M118LR 7.62x51 Match Ammo (Section 2.3)
15-JUN-2016Survival KitAdded Food Security to Urban Survival
06-JUN-2016Survival KitAdded Realistic Urban Survival
29-MAY-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded Triumph Bonneville
17-MAY-2016Rifle OpticsAdded 2 stage trigger for AK (Section 1.2)
07-MAY-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded Key Organizer
05-MAY-2016CanteenUpdated Canteen covers and Fuel.
25-APR-2016Field JacketAdded Nomex to Windproof section
16-APR-2016Self DefenseExpanded Snubby Reliability (Snubby Defense)
31-MAR-2016Self DefenseExpanded Surprise, Speed and Violence Of Action (Snubby Defense)
20-MAR-2016Rifle OpticsAdded Bolt Action Base Installation Guide (Section 3.6).
09-MAR-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded Eiger Pocket Flashlight (Multi-Tool section)
08-MAR-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded Bolt Action Optic Mounts (Section 3.6).
04-MAR-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded 10/22 Optic Mounts (Section 3.7).
02-MAR-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded HK91 Optic Mounts (Section 3.5).
02-MAR-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded M1A Optic Mounts (Section 3.4).
27-FEB-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded FAL Optic Mounts (Section 3.3).
22-FEB-2016Rifle OpticsExpanded AK Optic Mounts (Section 3.2).
13-FEB-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded 525 Gent Knife
03-FEB-2016Gents AccessoriesAdded Angling & Shooting Gear
09-OCT-2015CanteenAdded Astronaut Ice Cream.
05-OCT-2015Gents ClothingAdded Mindfulness To Skills Section
19-SEP-2015Rifle OpticsAdded Optic Mounts.
25-AUG-2015Field JacketAdded Buffalo Special 6.
24-AUG-2015Field JacketAdded Lavvu Rain Cape.
24-AUG-2015Rifle OpticsAdded Low Power Variable Rifle Scope
12-AUG-2015Rifle OpticsAdded Iron Sights Info.
05-AUG-2015Self DefenseAdded Snubby Revolver.
14-JUL-2015Gents ClothingAdded Financial Planning To Skills Section
09-JUL-2015Gents AccessoriesAdded A Multi-Tool.
23-JUN-2015Gents ClothingAdded Understanding Women To Skills Section
22-JUN-2015Gents ClothingAdded Ethics To Skills Section
18-JUN-2015Gents ClothingAdded Mindset To Skills Section
10-JUN-2015Self DefenseAdded Kukri Knife.
09-JUN-2015Self DefenseAdded Sap Sac / Coin Pouch.
07-JUN-2015Self DefenseAdded Push Knife.
06-MAR-2015WorkoutsAdded YAYOG Bodyweight Workout.
06-MAR-2015WorkoutsAdded Aloe Vera Juice.
19-FEB-2015CompassAdded Survivor Stopwatch.
19-FEB-2015CompassAdded Surefire Flashlight Filter.
23-JAN-2015WorkoutsAdded Rubber Mat.
23-JAN-2015WorkoutsAdded Dumbbells & Bench.
16-JAN-2015WorkoutsAdded Chart For Ivanko Grip Trainer.
29-NOV-2014Survival KitAdded Surefire Flashlights.
27-NOV-2014Self DefenseAdded ASP Street Defender OC Spray.
10-NOV-2014Survival KnifeAdded Pull The Dot Belt Loop.
08-NOV-2014Survival KitAdded Kit Guns.
08-NOV-2014Survival KitAdded Caffeine Tablets.
08-NOV-2014Survival KitAdded Survival Food.
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